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Community Activities

Shri Krishna Vrundavana's objective is two fold, bringing the teachings of Shri Krishna and the values of Sanatana Dharma at the same time building a community that will be a support system to the current and the future generations, helping them grow into responsible and outstanding citizens of tomorrow. To that effect SKV conducts various different classes for adults and summer camps for children of all ages.

  • Shloka Classes

    • Vishnusahasaranama Classes

  • Sanskrit Classes

  • Weekend Shramadhan 

  • Yoga Classes


adveṣhṭā sarva-bhūtānāṁ maitraḥ karuṇa eva cha
nirmamo nirahankāraḥ sama-duḥkha-sukhaḥ kṣhamī

Along with religious and community building activities, SKV also strives to help other communities and general mainstream services. Various activities like Blood donation drive and Health camp are being conducted during special events to help the needy, in collaboration with other volunteer organization like Sewa.

If you are interested in coordinating or organizing one of these events, please contact SKV Mutt.

Bhagavat Gita 12.13

In the true spirit of Bhagavat Gita, where Shri Krishna says
"Service to other living beings, brings one close to me "

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